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About Us

Formally started in May of 2006, Octagon Solutions began as the combined effort of two young professionals with extensive, unique portfolios and creative minds. Now expanded to reach clientele around the country, Octagon is always researching new opportunities and expanding its presence in the competitive market of integrated marketing and creative design for any medium. Our approach to all things is clean, beautiful and most of all, effective.
We enjoy experiencing different fields of business, which is why we service various industries including everything from health-care, real estate and law to high-end retail and education. At Octagon, we tailor the concept, design and strategy to every client we come into contact with.

Therefore, we are able to take on as little or as much as your business needs, from a complex branding and marketing plan to a simple website or video.
If you are looking for a design firm that has been around for forty years, uses the same ideas used decades ago and is managed by an old crowd, you’ve come to the wrong place. Octagon is young, motivated, experienced, extremely creative and heavily involved in new media of all kinds. We take new approaches, think outside of the box, inside of the box, and will probably take the box apart to find out what it is made out of… and if it we could make it better.
We know design. Isn’t it about time you knew us?